Monday, August 5, 2013


April 22, 2010 has come and gone, and now all of us are required by law to abide by the new EPA rules when doing redesign, remodeling, renovating or painting (PRE-1978 STRUCTURES). CAUTION: If you are painting an area over 6 sq. ft., it is required that you first check the home for lead based paint. A qualified lead tester (inspector) is required. Their fee is around $200 - $350, subject to the size of your project to be tested. If lead is discovered in the old paints, you are required to contract with a certified EPA renovator. The whole process will increase your project cost, approximately 15% more than initially figured. However, it is not worth the risk not to follow the Federal government rules. Consider civil penalties of up to $32,500 for each violation. And if you know and willfully violate this regulation, you are subject to an additional $32,500 or more or imprisonment. The RRP rule will be enforced not to mention your clients’ knowledge about it that can further hinder final payment. So be lead safe, protect your client, your helpers and the future of your business (Read the Painting Program Final Rule – 40 CFR Part 745). Make sure you hand out the pamphlet “Renovate Right” to your client; prior to start of the project and get a signed receipt that they received it. The contractor must use a HEPA 
vac and wash down with wet cloths all plastic and surfaces, windows, walls, etc. three times.

Percentage of homes likely to contain lead.
24% homes built between 1960-1976
 69% homes built between 1940-1960
87% homes built before 1940

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