Friday, November 30, 2012

Problems with building and safety dept.'s today

As I visit different city's Building and safety departments, I Find it quite interesting how cities are finding several new ways to charge more money to consumers who want to improve their property. More fees, more red tape, more paper, and not to mention your property tax increase. It's like a penalty for improving your property... maybe if you let your property deteriorate you could now qualify for federal aid and be awarded for not caring. Think about it... Could it be that at some point, nobody will own property anymore?!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

California Cost for Building a Home.

So why does it cost 40%more to build the same house in california than in any other state if the material prices are the same in every state? It's simple, consider the city's Red Tape, the state bureaucracy, and all the taxes and insurance fee's. Now that Prop 30 passed and our sales tax is at 9.5%, city licences have doubled, added employee's necessary just to handle state and legal matters for insurance and employee rights, not to mention "Obama Care". Just see for yourself, permit fees have sky-rocketed since 2008 as a result.
 Little wonder people are passing the licensed contractors and licence process and doing improvements themselves, or worse, working with unlicensed trades... But do you blame them or the system. Can you see where your heading? Should we just try economic freedom instead!

Do your own comparison, run your same project on by selecting another state, then select California and see the differences in cost.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Constrictive Hands of Government

This past week I was awakened to the reality of what changes the city's and local governments have changed due to the recession. Additional forms and fees have more that doubled, not to mention the greater time delays. Sticker Shock to Clients... some cancelled plans.
It seems the government has a free hand on changing more to survive. If only free enterprise had that same licence.

-Bert Notch

Friday, November 2, 2012

Free Building Cost Estimating!

So who do you call, who do you trust, who is the most accurate? The answers to such questions can be difficult to come across for most home owners. An architect may be good on designing, but will his design be in line with your budget?
A builder without plans will only give you a square foot price, which can be intentionally misleading. Before you get started on a project with only the square foot price in mind, do your own estimate for FREE! can help you get an accurate and realistic construction estimate for your next project. Whether your constructing a new home, or remodeling your kitchen, get a quote you can trust at
Try ECCF for free and you will see the difference. Its Free, its reliable, and within 5% accuracy of what it will cost. Try it several different ways until you create a project that fulfills your needs and your budet. Its instant, so try it now at home for FREE and be your own estimator!