Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cost First vs Cost Later

For years, homeowners have been struggling with the low balling cost of contsruction. The pre-estimate given to them by their design professional or builder usually is 50% of the  final actual cost to contsruct their project. When presenting a construction contract based from their construction plans, the usual response is "That's double of what I was told!" Cultivating creative design and the divide of construction cost has always been a work in progress.

Bert Notch has been designing and estimating projects for over two decades . He has actively pursued, studied and researched the need for an upfront realistic method to this problem. He has formed a team of construction experts to help head up his cause and launched a website dedicated to helping homeowners know the actual cost of construction is before they spend thousands on architecture and engineered plans. This site will make the home owner aware of building costs vs. budget at the brainchild stage before spending money on plans only o have costly changes made again.

Unlike numerous websites and software available that cater to architects and builders, and are useful only after the homeowner spends thousands on engineered architectural plans and finds the actual cost is usually double their budget, EstimateConstructionCostFirst.com   will show them what their wish list realistically is.

It's easy, click on the items that best fit your needs within the questionnaire and for free, the results are printed out instantly from your printer. No need for plans, sales pitches or software to purchase.

EstimateConstructionCostFirst.com also provides other useful forms and helpful tips for the home owner, realtor, and contractors and is also a helpful site for the architect or designer.

Check it out for free!