Monday, September 23, 2013

Does your plan have a reflective view?


Ceilings are too often  treated as an afterthought in a large-scale building project. Yet without proper front-end planning, they can turn out to be a source of unneeded cost increases and schedule delays.

Good early-stage planning and pre-coordination of all services is key to a well-coordinated, functional, and aesthetically pleasing ceiling assembly. Proper design and specification steps include the following:

  •  Determine customer required services and ceiling functions. 
  • Calculate required space for each service, and allocate plenum space to assure all elements fit above the ceiling. 
  • Select ceiling material type (metal, mineral, wood) and functions, which include acoustical properties, light reflectivity characteristics, fire/smoke performance, cleanability, durability, and LEED inputs. 
  • Complete ceiling aesthetics choices, such as finishes, colors, prints, patterns, and modules. 
  • Narrow down ceiling system options, such as accessibility, weight, spanning capability, and dimensional tolerances. 
  • Specify suitable components to be integrated and verify coordination with chosen ceiling system. 
  • Link technical component specifications to the chosen ceiling system - often the key step in ensuring proper coordination.  

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